Paul Hofman

Acryl paintings






Contemporay Art...from oil to acrylic


Paul Hofman, born in Ostend (Belgium) on June 18 th, 1958
Drawing has always been my passion and at a young age I enrolled into drawing and painting classes in the "Art Academies" of Bruges and Deurne (Antwerp).
After a long period of 16 years without any art at all and after a call from the Municipality of my home community "Ranst" for a group exhibition, I actively started painting again in 1991.
Initially I started using oil paint but since 2001 I discovered the benefits of acrylic paint ant until today I'm still trying to improve on my technique. I'm fascinated by vivid colors and I try to develop a very personal and contemporary art.
Nowadays a lot of artworks I paint are linked to current and sometimes sensitive themes.
My paintings are a mix of abstract and pop-art. Lambertus Vermeiren once called me… a progressive realist, whose works are sometimes close to pointillism, impressionism and pop-art ( Black City, Flower City and Burj Khalifa are typical examples. In recent years I have exposed both at home and abroad, including, Lier, Ghent, Antwerp, Haarlem and Hasselt…..

Making art with discarded materials such as torso, mannequins and car parts has become part of my passion.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work,




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